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We are happy to announce that we are celebrating our whole 15 years of surviving into the (wild) Greek Real Estate Market, and, our 1st year for our brand new Real Estate Branch Office.

Through this time, we managed to “stand out from the crowd”, due to our commitment to values which influences our work.

In so many years, this  success  reflects our love for our work and this is what benefits our clients.



Our immediate goal is to be more specialized on the sector of commercial properties, as it is a very important part of our our professional services. For this purpose, our new site “www.almapro.gr” is being built.


Also, since the treatment for the economy looks to be in a very experimental state and hoping to really facilitate property transactions, we are going to give our clients the opportunity to change e.g. their big house for 2 smaller houses, or, to change their city apartment for another country house, or make any change that fits their new conditions of living, through our new platform: “www.almaexchange.com“, which is also under construction.

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1.Because we know the market and the real estate philosophy better.

2. Because we “listen” to your needs.

3. Because of our continuing education.

4. Because our services become more sophisticated and specialised.

5. Because we are positive and sociable.

6. Because we are different.

7. Because we treat every person with integrity and respect.

8. Because our word is a promise to be kept.

9. Because we are genuine, transparent, authentic, credible and reliable.

10. Because we are friends!




Furthermore, following the advice “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, we are proceeding in the e-market area, with a new ALMA e- market shop. We are very lucky to start the e-shop business with two selective companies – leaders on the Health and Beauty sector : “Forever Living Products” and “LR“, which products, though certified by the most reliable credit rating agencies, we have been testing on us for over a year.

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