Rotating Skyscrapers – A revolution in Architecture!

A revolution in design, but mostly, a whole new way of future living!.


The sun rises, The sun sets. Now the choice is yours, you may follow, or, remain in the shade! The view is yours to customize.

Rotating appartments is the new challenge of how a building looks like and what it can do.

‘Buildings will have four dimensions, adding the dimension of ‘time”.

Italian Architect David Fischer designs for Dubai a Skyscraper rotating very smoothly at 360 degrees, every 90 minutes. The speed can be adjusted (faster/slower). Changing the order to faster or slower, by adjusting your command, the floor rotates very smoothly around a stationaty cord.

“I think these buildings make people think everything is possible in life,” Fischer said in this Youtube video by Your Discovery Science.


  • Each Dynamic Tower has individual floors that rotate at different speeds
  • Apartments on each floor spin around a concrete centre every 90 minutes
  • Wind turbines and solar panels are fitted to the towers to provide energy
  • Towers are planned for London, Dubai, Moscow and Paris


Anxious about the cost? $30.000.000 is enough…baring in mind that you won’t pay a pennie more for electricity, (By 2020, the United Arab Emirates wants seven percent of its electricity to come from renewable resources), due to 79 wind turbines which will be fitted to each floor to generate enough energy to fuel the building’s electricity and a green power station.
The “final straw” to the construction of this huge rotating skyscraper is that it will be pre-fabricated!


Photos: Google


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