Netanyahu: “Am Israel Chai”

“It’s a tremendous pleasure to come here and to rekindle that spirit and to say one simple thing, and I think I can say this in this synagogue as best as I can say it in any place on Earth – and that statement is this, three simple words: Am Israel Chai.”DCY_0LxXYAE5SO6 (2)


With the phrase above ended his speech Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in the Greek synagogue, in Thessaloniki, at an event in which he honored Greek Jews, in Thessaloniki dedication of Holocaust museum site, on Thursday 15th June, during his visit accompanied by his wife, Sara, together with Jewish community president David Shaltiel, Thessaloniki Rabbi Yisrael Aharon, Mayor Yiannis Boutaris and Jewish community leaders.

Netanyahu also referred to the rebirth of Jewish people, the rebuilt of a new state, Jewish remarkable army and economy. Next, he mentioned Greece, Israel and Cyprus as the 3 most democratic nations in the Eastern Mediterranean, and, pointed out Israel as: “A global force – a global force in technology, a global force in fighting the terrorism that threatens all of us, a global force in medicine, in agriculture, in energy, a global force for the future.”

“We have rebuilt our people from ashes, and we built a modern state. We came back to our ancestral homeland. We built a country. We built an army – a good one. We built an economy – a very good one. And we rebuilt and took our place among the nations. Among the nations, Israel and Greece have re-forged an alliance. It’s a natural alliance of democracies. Israel, Greece, Cyprus are the three real democracies in the Eastern Mediterranean. And we have forged this friendship anew and we see all the benefits that accrue to it.”


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Binyamin Netanyahu, attented Greece- Israel G2G meeting in Thessaloniki, on Thursday the 15th, June 2017.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s remarks following trilateral Israel-Greece-Cyprus meeting in Thessaloniki, with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades.


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