Selling a Property? It’s All About the Details!

(Published in Business Partners” magazine of the Hellenic – American Chamber of Commerce, issue May-June 2019)
Author: Charikleia Stouka (Accredited realtor – founder of ALMA REAL ESTATE GREECE).
(Photos: Villa for sale in Ippokrateios Politeia, a northern suburb of the Greek capital at the foot of mount Parnitha. Info:
Today’s real estate market is tough for sellers, and if you’re hoping to get the best price for your property and sell fast, it’s crucial to get your presentation right and outshine the competition. Here are some essential tips to make sure your property is at its best before you go to market.
While Location, location, location! might be the property motto, when it comes to showing and selling your property, it’s all about delivering on presentation and staging that appeals to the senses and ticks all the boxes.
Most buyers form their first impressions within seconds of walking through the front door, and you can come out in front by making sure they’re already feeling positive before the cross the threshold by appealing to your buyers’ sense of smell.
The most important thing here is to get rid of any pre-existing smells. Clean thoroughly, making sure not to overlook upholstered furniture and soft furnishings. Use baking soda where needed, and don’t hesitate to bring in a dehumidifier where necessary to remove any traces of damp or mustiness from the rooms. A clean, fresh smell reinforces the impression of a well-maintained property.
Needless to say, that cleaning should be thorough: Clean every surface, including windows and mirrors, scrub down kitchen appliances inside and out until they shine, and make sure not to overlook the nooks and crannies. Window rails, skirtboards, and radiator grooves can harbor dust build up that can easily ruin your buyers’ impression of the property. And of course, don’t forget to clean the inside cabinets of and wardrobes, as buyers are prone to opening them.
Making sure that everything is in good working order is an easy way to boost the value of your property, so fixing minor issues throughout is a must.
Go around the house and check that everything is working as it should: Tighten loose screws, oil hinges, fix squeaky floorboards and dripping faucets, and make sure all the lightbulbs work— including for any lighting in outside areas such as gardens or balconies.
A fresh coat of paint is another easy way to make your property look fresh and attractive, increasing its value. Neutral colors are the best options as they allow buyers to imagine the space as their own, and a good, professional paint job is essential, as it lets buyers know that the property is well looked after. A handy tip is to mix vanilla powder into your paint—about one vial per kilogram of paint—to neutralize the smell of fresh paint.
In fact, the best time to start preparing your house for the market is well before you list, and there are things you can do while still occupying the property yourself that will make living there better for you and help increase its value when you’re ready to sell.
That new kitchen and bathroom you’ve been thinking about might be just the thing that sways a potential buyer—but make sure that renovations are tasteful and professionally done to a high standard. Another home improvement that can add value to your property is flooring. Good quality laminate hardwood gives the feeling of real wood and gives the home a touch of warmth and class without breaking the bank. Durable, scratch resistant and more affordable than real hardwood, it’s also much more attractive to potential buyers than wall-to-wall carpeting or tiles.
Really, good taste and hard-wearing furnishings are also key to making the property suitable for short term lets, such as Airbnb, and it’s always good to keep that option open.
Finally, when you are ready to sell and have put your property on the market, don’t forget to stage. Get rid of clutter, rearrange the furniture to showcase the potential of the rooms, and add little details and finishing touches throughout.
Last, but not least, always remember the flowers! A thoughtfully placed vase of fresh flowers, adds a splash of color and a lovely scent to the property and makes a good impression on buyers. Because when it comes to selling fast and selling high, the good God’s in the details!
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