Immortality – How Far Is It?

Turritopsis nutriculaTurritopsis dohrnii – The immortal jellyfish

Immortality in our known world – Absolutely mind blowing!

This immortal creature which is called Turritopsis nutricula, is found in mild/tropical waters and it’s the only creature in our known world that is said to be immortal.

Would you like to transform yourself and live for ever?

It is not science fiction!

It is on the function of this particular creature, Turritopsis nutricula /Turritopsis dohrnii, that scientists base their attempts in finding the way reaching human immortality as well, based on the way this creature does so.

The Immortal jellyfish – Turritopsis nutriculaTurritopsis dohrnii
Image credits: Takashi Murai

By regenerating its dead cells makes a totally brand new body full of life, whereas, its soul/life/whatever remains the same.

“Adults can revert back to the polp stage- they absorb their tentacles and reatuch themselves the ground. As a polyp, it can produce entire new colonies”.

The only species known to live for ever

Lab tests found that 100% of individuals reverted to polyp stage and could be prompted to do so as a result of starvation, temperature change, or a drop in salivity.

“As is the case with all jellyfish, they have neither a heart nor brain. They were first discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. Now they are spreading all over the world, particularly because these tiny creatures are hitchhiking on ships in their ballast water and traveling across the globe”.

Turitopsis nutricula/dorhnii is currently, the only known immortal creature in the world.

The biologically immortal jelly fish Turritopsis dohrnii
Image credits: Takashi Murai

Its capability of repeatedly transforming from “old” to “young”, is giving it the potential to be biologically immortal.

This process is called “Transdifferenciation”.

Turritopsis dohrnii

“However, it’s not all that easy. This conversion comes with certain conditions too; namely, medusae cannot completely control their reversal. Whenever the medusa is injured, the external conditions are not conducive, or if it is starving, only then can it undergo this transformation”.

Image credits: NY Times

Question: But…how many times can this…be done?

Answer: There is no limit!!!

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