Happy Birthday Princess Katherine!


HRH Princess Katherine celebrated her birthday on the 13th of November, by sending a message of gratitude hoping “To be united against the pandemic”.

Heartfelt wishes and appreciation for all the generous help that you provide to your people and country and the world!

Katherine, Crown Princess of Serbia, was born in Athens, Greece, as daughter of Robert Batis and Anna Dosti and is the wife of Alexander, Crown Prince of Serbia . She married Crown Prince Alexander in the US in 1985.

2020 HRH Crown Princess Katherine – Annual movie – UNITED AGAINST THE PANDEMIC

“I am very happy to have this opportunity to thank our donors for the last 25 years. We live as you know in the Royal Palace and our responsibility and our aim is to make sure the people in our country in Serbia have never been forgotten.

We can only give what you give us, we can only help when you help us. We must make sure that there is no more suffering.

I really feel that together we have accomplished so very much and we can keep going and doing even more in these difficult times, which I know is hard for all of you, to now share with us to be the donors but we need you and we thank you and we need you, without your support we couldn’t do what we are doing.

I really think that we all together we can do so much more. I know there is a lot in your mind at the momment with concerns of Covid we will all feel a lot better knowing that nothing can ever stop us from making a difference.

I don’t mention names of our donors because I would need days and days to do that but you all know what you’ve done and how you have helped and what a blessing you’ve been.

Thank you, thank you, all of you that see this video and remember we have an opportunity to continue our help even in these very difficult times.

My husband and I and our foundation here in Serbia are working very hard and we are always here for you. Please if you need anything from us as well, if you have any wish we are ready to fulfil it. Just let us know where your donations want to go and they will go and they will do exactly the benefit that you ask for. Thank you for this opportunity.

I had parents who raised me with the joy of giving and I pray to God for this opportunity and God gave me my King and a whole country. Thank you for fulfilling my wish to God to be like my parents were, in believing in philanthropy, in believing in giving and in blieving making a difference.

I asked my mother one time what does she expect from me. She said only one thing: “I want you to be a good example in life”. All of you donors have been an example to everyone has been helping us because by you helping us you bring them into it as well, and they want to also help.

Thank you for being the example that our country needed after these incredible years of hardship. God bless you, keep you safe and healthy! Thank you for didn’t forget our homeland. Thank you and God bless you!

Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia celebrated her birthday with her immediate family.

During an interview at the Royal Palace of Belgrade in 2017 Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine said:

“I am very happy that I have this opportunity. I had parents that taught me the joy of giving, not the joy of taking. And they didn’t just tell me; they lived their life by giving. My father was one of the biggest philanthropists in Greece, and I am very proud of what I learnt from my parents. They prepared me for my role without knowing what my future would be. I was very young, and when you learn the joy of giving when you are young, you never forget it. I prayed to God for an opportunity to give of myself since that is happiness, and God gave me Alexander and a whole country. So when you pray, you have to make sure that is what you want.”

She works in humanitarian relief, and is the patron of various humanitarian organizations including Lifeline Humanitarian Organization.

In 2001 she established The Foundation of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine.

In 1991, the Crown Prince travelled to Belgrade with his wife and sons, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by hundreds of thousands of citizens and supporters.

HRH Princess Katherine -Charikleia Stouka Founder of ALMA Real Estate Hellas

On 17 July 2001, after the democratic revolution in Serbia, the Crown Prince Family moved permanently back to Belgrade, Serbia.

His Royal Highness’s special wish for his 75th birthday is that this COVID-19 virus go away forever and that everyone be safe and take good care during these very difficult times. 

His Royal Highness hopes that all countries economies recover as soon as possible and that everyone has a better future.

LONG LIVE KING ALEXANDER THE SECOND! On 17 July 2020, Birthday of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander, both His Majesty and Crown Princess Katherine shared “My birthday wish that came true”, the 75th birthday film:


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