The dress that saved Laura’s Donohoe life!

Basingstoke photographer Laura Donohoe says this dress saved her life

The dress in the pic, took photographer Laura Donohoe four years to make after the designer nearly lost her leg in a motorbike accident last year, (with less than 30% possibility to keep her leg).

At the age of 23, she almost faced the possibility of being in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

“The dress was one of the great things that kept me going, that made me walk again” Laura says. She was very optimistic on focusing to complete the dress.

“It is, pretty much, my life put into a dress and the whole journey I went through with making this dress. I went through my own hardships. I can look at it and feel quite proud of myself, of how far I’ve come in life”.

Facing life in a wheelchair, Laura Donohoe, 24 from Basingstoke, Hampshire used the dress as her inspiration to walk again, together with the support of her family and friends.

Now, Laura hopes to finish a series of seasonal dresses and chase her dreams of becoming a photographer.

“I think I have a massive debt into photography because in its own way saved me”, she declared.

Now Laura Donohoe is planning to transform her hobby into a career, after some more surgeries she has to undergo.




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