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photo: “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015” – Pantelis Lamprou, director of strategic communication and markets analysis at Athens Exchange (ATHEX Group).

“Medication: remedy or poison?” Both. If the diagnosis is correct, medication does good, but if a wrong diagnosis is made, a lot of problems will be created”, said CEO of ATHEX Group, Pantelis Lamprou, in the event of the rewards “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015”, organized by Spyros Ktenas and Active Business Publishing, in Grande Bretagne, Athens, on the 1st of July.

“Tomorrow will be better than yesterday”


(photo: “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015”, Pantelis Lamprou (ATHEX Group).

“We”, in Athens Exchange Group, want to be considered as an “all weather” company”.

“During  139 years of existence, our company have interrupted their works 11 times. Whenever we fall, immediately we rise again. I realize the social, financial and political developments  like a pendulum. This pendulum – on the sector of enterprises – is often moving from the creation and production of wealth, to the distribution and commercial activity. From consumption to production, from the apparent money to real money”.

“Now, we should move in the real production, in the real, fresh capital, in low leverage, and in creation of wealth from the enterprises.There is not “inside”capital, so the capital we import worldwide, which is of extremely high liquidity, should be “patient”. Bank loans – Taxes – Public Investments are the 3 pillars which will help to reach stability in our financial system”.

“Tomorrow will be better than yesterday”, stressed finishing his speech, Pantelis Lamprou, of ATHEX Group, at the event of “” Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015″.


photo: “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2015”. Pantelis Lamprou CEO of ATHEX Group is receiving his award from Harris Oikonomopoulos, President of the Hellenic-British Champer of Commerce.


The Athens Stock Exchange started trading in 1876, primarily located in Sofocleous Street, until 2007.

Its new Headquarters now are in “Athinon” Street,  Number 110, also called “Kavalas” Street.5977013



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