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ALOE VERA GEL “FREEDOM”enriched with collagen, chondroitin & glucosamine,by Ioanna Vlachogianni, Clinical Dietician-Nutritionist, MSc, Cand for Phd

The Aloe Vera Drinking Gel Freedom, contains 88% aloe gel, pure fillet sheet, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine, vitamin E and C, and instead of MSM that had the previous product now it contains collagen hydrolyzate (a fibrous protein which is found in tendon, skin and bone) with proven analgesic effect in the joints, which promotes the mobility of the connective tissues and muscles.

The juice of the aloe vera contains numerous vitamins and minerals. This is the main reason used by many people for the proper functioning of the body.

Glucosamine and chondroitin are natural constituents of human cartilage. Glucosamine is a monosaccharide linked amino acid. Synthesized from glucose in virtually every human tissue and is found primarily in connective tissue and cartilage. While chondroitin is a disaccharide polymer of glycosaminoglycan. In the last decade there have been many studies to evaluate the efficacy of these compounds in diseases. The results show that there is a positive effect of these components, however there are shortcomings in the various studies are required and others.

Ingredients: More specifically, the Aloe Vera FREEDOM juice contains 88% pure aloe gel enriched with:

• Chondroitin Sulfate, a major cartilage products that are aimed at repairing cartilage damage, physical protection and remodeling of bone, and is developing an anti-inflammatory activity.

• Sulfate Glucosamine, an aminosugar indispensable for protecting the connective tissue and the alleviation of cartilage problems, tendons and joints, and participates in the shaping of the nail, skin, heart valves, etc.

• Vitamin E is known for its strong antioxidant action, this means that it helps in reducing free radicals. Free radicals when they exceed the number that the body can eliminate, they create side effects on the human body. The fight of free radicals is associated with the proper functioning of the body’s cells and hence of bone cells.

• Vitamin C beyond its antioxidant action, supports the formation of collagen and hence the smooth functioning of cartilage. Another important effect of aloe is that it helps the absorption of vitamins E and C.

• Collagen is a fibrous protein found in tendons, skin and bones. In mammals there are various forms of collagen. It constitutes an important component of connective tissue and cartilage. Due to this structural role, studies positively evaluated it with regard to action in diseases of cartilage. Of course, the exact mode of action has not been elucidated yet, even thaw a study showed that products containing hydrolyzated collagen reduce degenerative changes and help the functioning of cartilage.

Hydrolyzated collagen, in a study was shown that a product containing hydrolyzed collagen reduces the degenerative changes and assists the smooth functioning of cartilage, helps joints and ligaments, makes cells more permeable, so nutrients and liquids pass unhindered. Removes toxins, resulting in the reduction of pain and inflammation. We can’t obtain collagen from food.

Studies have shown that a diet enriched with hydrolyzated collagen has beneficial effects on bone.

Uses: Arthritis, neck, knee pain (links – meniscus – chondromalacia), spinal pains, distemper, inflammation, tendonitis, etc.

Aimed at people with rheumatic diseases (elderly and others), professional athletes and people who regularly engage in sports to prevent sprains, cramps, sprains and all kinds of injuries.

Dosage: Take 30 – 90 ml (depending on the size of the problem) three times a day on an empty stomach.


Caution: After opening the bottle is always kept in a refrigerator.

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