How Can You Spot a Bad Real Estate Agent?

How Can You Spot a bad Real Estate Agent? (Business Partners Magazine, issue: March-April 2018)

TOP TIPS: Lack of confidence, poor communication and pushiness, are all, signs that you should look for a new agent!


How long has your house been on the market?

How many prospective buyers have come to see your property lately?

It might not be the best time for selling, but it pays to make sure your real estate agent is doing their job. Read on for how to spot a bad real estate agent.

When selling a house: 

• Be wary of a lack of confidence. Is your real estate agent just nodding along to all your expectations or has he/she provided solid advice on correct pricing for your property in current market conditions? If an agent doesn’t seem to be on top of his/ her game, look for a new one. • Look out for poor communication. Your agent should get in touch regularly, even when there is no new interest in your property. • Make sure your agent is using all available resources. Especially if nobody has come to see your house, find out where and how your property has been listed. From websites to newspapers, check to find out where and how your home is advertised to potential buyers. If an agent isn’t using every tool at their disposal to promote your property, they’re not doing their job. • Check that your agent is working on good presentation. First impressions are everything. A good real estate agent will make sure to take good, clear photos, using correct angles and a good camera. • Professionals aren’t pushy. It’s good to have a real estate agent who is confident and capable, but he/she should never ignore your needs or push you into making decisions.

When buying a house:

• The property should speak, not your real estate agent. Bad real estate agents will try to talk away what you’re actually seeing, especially when the properties don’t match your requirements. • If you feel you’re being pressured in any particular direction, whether it’s a different kind of property or a price tag beyond your budget, that’s a red flag that you should look for a new real estate agent. • The relationship with your real estate agent doesn’t end when the contract is signed. On the contrary, that’s just the beginning. Bad real estate agents will just take their commission and walk away when the transaction is officially completed, but after sales service is crucial. A good real estate agent will follow up to make sure you are satisfied and will assist in arranging technicians and other professionals you may need. This above-and-beyond level of service shows commitment to customer service and sets great agents apart, giving you the confidence to recommend them to others and ensuring you will want to use their services again in the future.



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